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Shepherd's Salve

Shepherd’s Salve is intended for working hands that get really dried out in the winter.  Made with calendula infused lanolin, I made this salve to deal with the dry winters over here.  Going between farm work and house work constantly means a lot of hand washing and by the end of the day if I want to sit and knit something, the yarn gets caught in the mess that is my dried out hands.
Anyone who has ever worked with raw wool can tell you how amazing lanolin feels on your hands- it was exactly what I wanted to use to solve my gnarly winter hands problem, and it also utilizes another byproduct of sheep (or rather wool) processing.  Less waste, no gross petroleum product.  Shepherd's Salve is available in a citrusy scented option and a fragrance free option (which smells a bit like a sheep - but in a good way.  Because obviously there is a good way to smell like sheep).

Shepherd's Salve


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