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Baby Bunny Soap

This is our preferred baby soap.  With only three ingredients, including milk from our goats and tallow rendered from our sheep, this soap produces a soft lather.  It's extremely gentle with no added fragrance or colorants to keep it as pure as possible for sensitive skin. 


This soap came about when I was pregnant and trying to find something that I felt good about using on delicate newborn baby skin.  It seemed that everything I looked at had dodgy additives and heavy fragrance- so I came up with this soap and years later it is still my favorite soap.  It works great not only as a body wash, but also for hair.


Each bar/bunny is approximately 4 oz and over a year of bathtimes later, we're still using the same bar.



The regular cream colored bunny soap has no added fragrance, but we also make a version with all of the same ingredients plus lavender essentail oil and natural purple mica. 


Baby Bunny Soap

  • Goat Milk, Sheep Tallow, & Lye

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