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We raise purebred registered Icelandic sheep.  They are a triple purpose breed, producing wool, meat, and milk.  A naturally short-tailed type, they have remained largely unchanged since they were kept by the vikings thousands of years ago.  This breed is exceptionally hardy with a beautiful double layered fleece in a wide range of colors.  The under layer (thel) is soft and lofty, while the outer layer (tog) is longer and coarser.  When both layers are spun together, the resulting yarn can be knitted up into extremely durable and warm water-resistant garments.  Icelandic wool is also extremely good for felting projects.

We breed for good mothering, parasite resistance, fine wool, and good muscling.  Our sheep are never fed grain- they rotationally graze around the 50 acres of mountainside from spring to fall, growing strong on grass, blackberry bushes, and other browse.  In the winter, they are fed hay from fields just down the road from our barn.

We offer lamb shares for on-farm pickup in mid-late fall every year.  If you are interested in a share (1 whole lamb), please contact us.  Lamb share customers are also offered first choice of sheepskins and skulls when they become available for purchase.

If you are interested in starting or expanding your own herd of Icelandic sheep, please head over to our Sheep for Sale page.

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