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About the Farm

The root of things

Between a love of animals and food, we have found ourselves here - growing food and fiber as locally and sustainably as we are able.  In this time of over-consumption, fast-everything, and abundant waste - we have set our sights on slowing down, finding balance, and getting back to the root of things.

Weary of mass-produced stuff churned out with little care for the people working to produce it or the impact on the environment, one of our goals is to offer food, fiber, and goods made by hand, grown slowly and responsibly, with care for both short and long term impacts of creating and offering these things to the world.  

Our foods and fiber (meat, eggs, and wool) come from animals with year round access to pasture and open sky.  To minimize our impact on the local ecosystem and keep our animals safe, we employ Livestock Guardian Dogs, who warn predators away - rather than hunting and trapping predators and upsetting the local food chain since those predators are an important part of the balance.

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About the Name

'Caer Luna' is a sort of fantastical name meaning 'Court of the Moon'.   Think 'Cair Paravel' from The Chronicles of Narnia.  It's based around the idea that perhaps the animals keep their own court and festivities when we humans aren't looking.  Maybe on the full moon the dogs, sheep, goats, barn cats, etc. all convene- dance, play, and tell stories.  Best not check the barn cameras on the full moon, we wouldn't want to interrupt their fun.

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