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About the Farm

We are a small biodiverse farm on 50 acres of land in Upstate New York.  Focused on raising sustainable food, fiber, and creating handmade goods as we work with this piece of nature to leave it healthier than it was when we arrived.


Hatching Eggs

We raise a wide range of chickens, including an assortment of rainbow egg layers.


Goat Milk Soap

Gentle soaps, particularly good for sensitive skin types, made with milk from our small herd of dairy goats.

Yarn & Fiber

Undyed wool from our flock of Icelandic sheep.


For Littles

Handmade environmentally friendly items for babies and children.


Eat Local, Ethical Food

We sell pastured chicken, eggs, and 100% grass fed Icelandic lamb.  Eggs are always available at the farm stand, and all of our foods are available in the farm store - though during the busy growing season we are open by appointment only.


Farm Newsletter

Subscribe to the newsletter to follow along with us.  We share new goodies, events, and stories from the farm there first.  Recipes for seasonal eating, projects, and information on the many animals that live here are also included.   The newsletter usually goes out once per month.

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