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Rainbow Layer Mix Hatching Eggs


Rainbow Layer Mix Hatching Eggs

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  • If you'd like an assortment of colorful layers, we offer this rainbow half dozen which is designed to include the widest range of egg colors.


    Each rainbow layer half dozen includes:

    • 1 Marans (Black Copper)
    • 1 Ameraucanas (Lavender/Self-Blue)
    • 2 Olive Eggers (Generations 2-6)
    • 2 of the following breeds: Icelandics, 1st Generation Olive Eggers, Speckled layers, Heavy Bloom, Barn Mix.


    Please keep in mind that the eggs you receive may not be the exact color that the chicken that hatches from it will lay - for example, first generation olive eggers may hatch from a blue or pale green egg but will lay a darker green egg.

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